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The Indonesian Government is extending a golden opportunity through the KNB Scholarship for the year 2024, presenting a fully funded scholarship for prospective international students hailing from developing nations. This initiative aims to provide avenues for pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degrees at esteemed universities in Indonesia. The program is designed to bolster the development of human resources in developing countries, fostering CrossCulture understanding, and fortifying bonds between nations.

The Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship for 2024 holds the promise of not only academic enrichment but also an immersive experience in one of the most vibrant and diverse societies globally. With a vision to select 222 participants, including 30 Bachelor students, 162 Master students, and 30 Doctoral students, the KNB Scholarships pave the way for international students to join the ranks of 31 partner Universities in Indonesia.

The diverse range of degree programs offered under this scholarship covers fields such as Biology, Engineering, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Visual Art and Design, and many more. These degrees serve as a foundation for success beyond the university, elevating intellectual standing, honing skills, and broadening career horizons. Importantly, students are not just gaining an education; they become part of a multiethnic and multilingual community, enriching their life experiences.

Participating students will also contribute to research, culminating in their research publication. The added bonus of a monthly allowance eases the financial aspects of their stay, ensuring a conducive learning environment.

Brief Description 

  • Host Country: Indonesia
  • Host Universities: 31 KNB Scholarship host universities in Indonesia
  • Program Levels: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Number of 2024 KNB Scholarships:
    • Total Scholarships in Indonesia: 222
    • No. of Bachelor’s Scholarships: 30
    • No. of Master’s Scholarships: 162
    • No. of PhD Scholarships: 30

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KNB Scholarship Program Duration:

  • Indonesian Language Course: 1 year
  • Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship Program: 48 Months
  • Master’s Degree Scholarship Program: 24 Months
  • Doctoral Degree Scholarship Program: 48 Months

Benefits of the KNB Scholarship Program 2024

  • Fully funded tuition fees
  • Living allowance
  • Indonesian language (BIPA) instruction
  • Roundtrip economy air tickets
  • Health insurance
  • Monthly research and book allowance
  • Research publication after completing the degree
  • Settlement allowance upon reaching Indonesia

Eligibility Criteria

  • Maximum age: 21 years for Bachelors, 35 years for Masters, and 40 years for a Doctoral degree
  • No prior degree at the same level (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral)
  • English Proficiency test required (for non English speaking countries)
  • All documents should be in English or Bahasa

Documents Required 

  • Scanned high school degree for applying to Bachelor’s program
  • Scanned Bachelor’s degree for applying to Master’s program
  • Scanned Master’s degree for applying to Doctoral program
  • Letter of recommendation from the Indonesian Embassy
  • Letter of recommendation from an immediate supervisor
  • Letter of recommendation from previous schools
  • Copy of the official passport
  • Updated CV
  • Motivation letter for applying for this scholarship


The application deadline for the Indonesian Government Scholarship Program in Indonesia is 16th February 2024. For those ready to embark on this transformative academic journey, the official link for application awaits (given below).

How to Apply 

For those aspiring to seize this opportunity, the application process involves

  • Downloading the KNB scholarship invitation letter
  • Submitting the required documents online, and
  • Completing the detailed online application form.
  • Late submissions will not be entertained.

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