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Recommendation Letter

The recommendation letter holds significant importance when applying for a scholarship program and is also commonly referred to as a "Reference Letter". This document is a requisite component of your application and must be furnished by a professor or associate professor within your department. Typically, CSC Scholarships necessitate two (02) recommendation letters, although during the process of acquiring an acceptance letter, a professor may request three (03) letters.


While it is customary for professors recommending you for a scholarship to provide their own templates, in Pakistan, it is common for students to possess a preprinted letter page on which the respective professor signs. In order to assist you, the Future Help Portal has made available one recommendation letter template within this section. However, before proceeding to the download area, it is advisable to review the following instructions. So, why wait? Begin your application process now.


Please keep in mind the following:

CSC Scholarship requires two (02) distinct letters of recommendation. Each recommendation letter should have its own unique format and content. Using the University logo on the right side for one letter and on the left side for the second is recommended. Additionally, the content of the two letters should differ. The attached templates can serve as useful references in this regard.

While you can use previous year's recommendation letters for the CSC Scholarship application, many Universities prefer the latest recommendation letter.

It is highly encouraged that you personally draft and prepare the recommendation letters to avoid any issues related to plagiarism.


Template Section

Click on the button provided below to download the recommendation letter template. Please utilize them as a source of inspiration and guidance. Best of luck with your application!

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