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English Proficiency Certificate for CSC Scholarship

An English Proficiency Certificate is an essential document for scholarship applications. Specifically for the Chinese Government Scholarship, it's important to note that IELTS or any other language proficiency test scores are not mandatory. However, you are required to provide an "English Proficiency Certificate" that confirms your last degree was taught in the English language. While many Universities have their own templates for this certificate but Future Help Portal has provided a template for your convenience, available in the sections below.


Please keep in mind the following:

  • You can obtain this certificate from your previous University, institute registrar, or scholarship office. It is advisable to first contact the relevant office to inquire about their specific requirements. If they request a template, you can use the template provided below.


Template Section:

In the template section below, you will find two different files for the language proficiency certificate. However, it is crucial to first contact your university's concerning office to confirm their requirements. If they require a template, you can prepare your letter using the attached templates. Best of luck with your scholarship application!

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